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can you believe that there are people on this earth who have never seen this video before

OMG WATCH IT. Stop whatever you’re doing. And watch it.


Pixar Shorts: Lifted (2006)

April 23 : How would your parents describe you?


Whenever I hear my mother’s describing me, I’m always kind of confused. I know I don’t talk much, but how the hell does she manage to get it so wrong? The few times she came with me to see the doctor have been a huge loss of time. She would try to answer the doc’s questions, and I would have to correct her and explain her and we wouldn’t go anywhere with anything. 

But I’m very curious about how my dad sees me. I do believe in an after-life, even though I don’t know if he can see me or not, maybe he’s in a whole different dimension. But if he can see me, I wonder what he thinks about me. He died when I was going on 11 and I can’t say I knew him that much. I knew about what he liked or not, about what would make him angry or not, but I never knew about the way he sees life and his perception of the people around him, let alone his own children.


  1. What’s your name ? The name my parents gave me is Elia (and I will hush my last name if you don’t mind). But I always liked changing names. Lately I’ve been going by the name of Nova VanBuren (inspired by my favorite episode of Sherlock). The Oak Leaf comes from the fact that I have an oak…

I am launching a new blog !

Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friends and then start asking you random questions.


The Best Pictures Of This Year’s Japanese Cherry Blossoms

The Japanese cherry blossom, known as the Sakura in Japanese, is the flower of a cherry tree that is cultivated for its decorative features rather than for cherries (it doesn’t bear fruit). The overwhelming beauty of the cherry blossom bloom has been known and adored for ages. The blooming period is associated with Japanese traditions, culture, aesthetics, and is a bittersweet metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life itself.

The blooming cherry blossoms herald the beginning of the centuries-old Hanami festival – the traditional Japanese custom of picnicking under trees rich with flowering Sakura branches and enjoying this short but striking first breath of spring. The blossoming wave usually starts in Okinawa in January or February and progresses through all of Japan until April or May. The cherry blossom front (Sakura zensen) can be conveniently tracked every year using this calendar.

Source: Demilked Magazine

Possible Friends. Final version (for real, this time, no tattoos forgotten). Nova VanBuren - 230414

I can see it. It’s here.